Activities in the area

In magnificent Himmerland

Hotel Rold Storkro is managed by folk who really like to have guests; there is no limit to the Himmerland hospitality here. However, we encourage our guests to tear themselves away from hotel comforts in order to explore the delights of the surrounding countryside.

Less than a kilometre north of the hotel lie Thingbæk Limestone Mines where, in the vast underground caverns, Bundgaard's model for his sculpture of the Cimbrian Bull in Aalborg can be seen along with other works and the graceful female forms and equestrian statues created by Bonnesen.

From the hotel, it is only a short walk to the magnificent Rebild Hills and the Museum of Folk Music and Lincoln Log Cabin Museum.

Then there is Denmark's largest forest area, the Forest of Rold with its conifers, bogs, heaths and beechwood. The gnarled forms of beech trees have, in one area, created a 'bewitched wood'.

A tour of some of the most productive springs in Scandinavia - Ravnkilde, Store Blåkilde and Blåhøl - is an interesting experience.
Rebild Bakker
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